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Metalsmiths' Symposium (MSS)

This page is about the series of events known as the "Metalsmiths' Symposium". If you have a suggestion of something that should be added to this page, please contact the Webminister at

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The Metalsmiths' Symposium is a weekend event dedicated to the metal arts - all of them! Blacksmithing, whitesmithing, cold forging, casting, jewelry and lapidary work, glasswork of all kinds (lampworking, blown glass, and stained glass to name a few), plus other arts like tool making and sharpening and shop safety. Also included are dyeing, herbalism, candlemaking, woodworking, pottery, perfumery, calligraphy and illumination, embroidery....if it involves metal, fire, or tools, MSS tries to have a class on it!

Even though the MSS web pages are on the EKMG website, the Guild is not "in charge" of the MSS's. We volunteer at them, have lots of fun at them, support them by teaching and encouraging others to come and teach and take classes, and instigate lots of evil metal fun at them, but the Autocrat of the event comes from the hosting Barony / Shire. We figured that having a "central location" for MSS information helps people find it, especially people from other Kingdoms - there's only one URL to bookmark for all the MSS's. Come and enjoy and have fun with us!