Metalsmiths Symposium III - Montevale goes heavy metal **UPDATED**
(At-a-Glance Event Information)

Friday, November 12th, 2004 to Sunday, November 14th, 2004

Hosted by Shire of Montevale - Fort Littleton, PA

Event Last Modified: April 15th, 2004

The Shire of Montevale invites you to make the long journey through the forests and across the mountains to reach the furthest south and west corner of the Kingdom of the East and take part in our Metalsmiths Symposium III on November 12 - 14, 2004.  We are hosting this special event with the help of our friends from the Shire of Silver Rylle.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  I've had a few questions concerning what garb to pack, so...

If you have natural fibers - linen, cotton, wool - those would be the best to wear.  Fire only chars natural fibers, but it melts most synthetics, which is worse.  Try to go for more close-fitting garb rather than loose, but if it's a choice between two, bring the natural fibers -
we can always bind up loose clothing!

It looks to be warm but clear, in the high 40's during the day, and down to freezing at night.  Please bring warm stuff as well!

If you have safety glasses, please bring them - we don't have many extras, and a pair of safety glasses is always a good thing to have in your tool kit.  (Did I mention that was going to be one of the things I'll talk about in my Weird Things in Your Tool Kit class? ;-) 

Be prepared for some grubby conditions.  make sure you don't bring your good garb, even for feast - forging can be grubby, things may have a tendency to splash, and such.  This is why I like my dark blue linen chemise - it cleans easily, it doesn't melt, it's warm, it's good!

And, for the metal classes - be prepared for grease, grime, and other less-than-ideal conditions.  Also, there may be metal splinters, burns, singes, etc, so please plan and dress accordingly.

And, now that the warnings are over, come and have fun!  I'm excited, so come and play with us!

If you have any questions, please contact Carowyn Silveroak.

Event Focus:  This event will be heavily class focused along three primary tracks:  forging, casting, and jewelry.  Classes will be offered to all skill levels from beginner to master.  There will be other classes offered for those not interested in the metalworking classes.  These are some of the classes that are currently scheduled:

Forge Work: beginning blacksmithing, intermediate blacksmithing, Damascus steel making, knife making, beginning welding.

Casting / Smelting: beginning pewter casting, beginning bronze casting, beginning sand casting, ore smelting:  lead, copper, iron.  

Glass Work: Lamp work beads from beginners to advanced, stained glass, making your own enamels and beginning enamelwork, how to make your own period lamp for lampworking round table

Jewelry: beginning copper etching, intermediate copper etching, riveting, cutwork, pearl stringing, Queen's chain, Byzantine chain.

Calligraphy & Illumination and Others: grinding your own pigments for illumination, making your own gold thread for embroidery, herbal hot packs, herbal burn cream, and herbal bruise cream

Food: meals will include Saturday:  breakfast, lunch, and feast, and Sunday breakfast.  All meals will be informal and generally portable to accommodate the nature of this event.  (In other words, we are all going to have our heads in a forge and will forget to stop to eat).

Site Info: The site is very discreetly damp:  period containers only, and remove all empties.  No pets allowed.  There is lots of room for tents along the lakeshore and cabin space for 80.  The cabins have wood-fired stoves for heat.  There is one handicapped-accessible cabin with limited beds.  Please specify tent or cabin (including special needs) with your reservation.  If you have questions about possible motel accommodations please contact the autocrat.


Your best route to the PA Turnpike, and take Fort Littleton Exit (old exit 13).  After leaving the tollbooth area, turn right onto Rte.  522 North (note:  Rte.  522 does junction with US 30).  Follow 522 for about one mile, keeping to the right at the Y in the road, and then almost immediately turn left onto Sinoquipe Road.  Follow this road for 1.7 miles, and turn left onto the access road for the Camp.  Follow the access road around the lake to troll.  There are Camp Sinoquipe signs on the public roads and SCA signs will be posted.

At-a-Glance Event Information
Sinoquipe Boy Scout Camp
Fort Littleton, PA  17223

Site Opens: 3:00 pm Friday
Site Closes: 3:00pm Sunday

Event Fees:

Site : Adult:
Onboard (Limit 120) (Sat.  lunch, feast, Sun.  breakfast) $15
Day-trippers/offboard (lunch Sat) $10

Youth (13-17years of age):
Onboard $12
Day-tripper $8

Child under 12:
Onboard $8
Daytrip $4

Child under 5, free.  

There is a $3 surcharge in effect for those adults (18 and over) who are not members of the SCA.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

[Note that some classes may include additional charges to cover materials or handouts, payable at the time of the class.] 

Send Reservations to:
P.  Burr Loomis, 814 Woodlawn Circle, Chambersburg, Pa 17201 (Scotti mac Currough [] at ph [717] 262-0033).  Reminder, the only reservation is a paid reservation.

Baron Master Cahan Kyle [] (Montevale), Class Coordinator:  Lady Carowyn Silveroak [] (Silver Rylle), She can be reached at (717) 838-7214 after 11 a.m., before 11 p.m.  or you can write her at Meredith Harmon, P.O.  Box 138, Annville, PA 17003.

Other Contact Information:
The Cooks will be Lady Tirza bithe Reaboughes [] (Montevale) and Lady Brangwayna Morgan (Silver Rylle).  The day board will be handled by Signora Isabetta Seraphina di Petrillo (Silver Rylle).  If you have any diet restrictions or special needs, please contact Lady Tirza at the afore mentioned email address or mail to Marcia Kyle, RR #1, Box 426, Blairs Mills, Pa.  (If you try to call @ 717-349-2107, you will most likely have to leave a message with the mechanical scribe).  The Autocrat can be contacted at the same mailing address and phone number as Lady Tirza.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc., Shire of Montevale