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This is a log of when and where each Metalsmiths' Symposium was held, and what the weather was like. If you have a suggestion of something that should be added to this page, please contact the Webminister at

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Event Dates Location: Real World (SCA) Weather
MSS1 10/4-6/2002 Sutton, MA (Canton of Aschehyrst, Barony of Quintavia, East Kingdom) Fri - wet & drizzly all day, misty with some fog; gusty wind at night (front going through)
Sat - sunny, bright, clear, a bit cool
Sun - carbon copy of Saturday
MSS2 10/24-26/2003 Rochester, NY (Barony of Thescorre, Kingdom of AEthelmearc) Fri - sunny, clear, cool but not cold
Sat - (lake effect) - fog, misty, misty-rainy, cool but not cold
Sun - clear, sunny, slightly windy
MSS3 11/12-14/2004 Ft. Loudon, PA (Shire of Montevale, East Kingdom) Fri - cold, wet, light drizzle all day
Sat - clear & sunny but *cold*, frost at night
Sun - clear, alternating sun & clouds, a smidge warmer
MSS4 10/7-9/2005 Salt Point, NY (Shire of Frosted Hills, East Kingdom) Fri - gusty moderate rain all day (Tropical Storm Tammy)
Sat - moderate to heavy rain all day, cool, but colder in the afternoon when the front came through
Sun - tropical storm finally moves northeast, clear, cool, sunny