Metal Smith's Symposium **UPDATED**
(At-a-Glance Event Information)

Friday, October 4th, 2002 to Sunday, October 6th, 2002

Hosted by Canton of Aschehyrst - Sutton, MA

The event is the fourth though sixth of Oct.  2002.  It will be at Camp Blanchard in Sutton, MA in cooperation between the Canton of Aschehyrst & the Shire of Quintavia.  This is the site that is used for Boredom War.

This event will be very focused on learning metal working & related skills.  There will be no activities other than classes.

Updates will be added to the classes as more are scheduled.  See the web site at: 

We are actively seeking to add more classes & need additional teachers.

For further information, please contact the autocrat, Baron Olaf of Trollhiemsfjord, Jim Revells, 66 Jennings Rd, Apartment F, Holliston, MA 01746, (508) 429-1671 before midnight.

The plan is to have as many people learning by doing as possible.  The following classes are available so far:

Iron Smelting & Bloomery Construction:
Class:  Iron Smelting & Bloomery Construction
Teacher:  Flaxy 
Students:  6
Duration:  2 days
This class will consist of the building and running a shaft-type bloomery furnace based on the styles in use in Scandinavia in the Viking and Migration Periods in Sweden.  Totally hands on, we will begin building from the ground up, using the same techniques employed on the furnaces that have been used at Pennsic.
Firing will occur on Saturday and will be an all-day activity.  There will be a ample chance to ask questions throughout the process.  We will be having the traditional weenie roast over the out blast, so bring your long handled roasting forks!  Iron produced in this furnace will be used in the class on consolidation class on Sunday.
Experienced metal workers only, though spectators are certainly welcome."

Class:  Making Wrought Iron from Bloom Iron:
Teacher:  TBD 
Students:  12
Duration:  6 hours
Taking Bloom Iron & turning it into usable Wrought Iron students will be allowed to take home "Trade Bars" of the finished Iron.  Experienced metal workers only.

Class:  Making Bodkin-Point Arrowheads
Teacher:  Master Freidrick von Eisenkopf
Students:  6 experienced beginners
Duration:  4 hours
Teacher Bio:  I've been smithing off and on for 26 years.  I've been making and shooting
these heads for at least 8 years.  I have a BFA in Sculpture and Metalcraft from Carnegie-Mellon, a Laurel for armor and calligraphy and the East's Order of the Sagittarius.
Equipment needed:  Students should bring their favorite 1.5# - 2# hammer if they have one, and ear protection

Class:  Beginning Tool Making
Teacher:  Dion
Description:  the making of tools - the attendees could select projects individually
from a list, and go home with a finished tool, like:
an awl/punch/scribe
a chisel for metal
a gouge for wood
chasing/repousse tools

Class:  Beginning Blacksmithing
Teacher:  Philippa Alderton
Students:  6
Duration:  3 hours

Class:  Building your own Brake drum forge (Lecture class)
Teacher:Philippa Alderton 
Duration:  2 hours

Class:  Chasing and Repousse'
Teacher:  Mistress Brianna Yseulte Wynman (Jan Wyman)
Students:  6
Duration:  1 hour
Description:  This is a method used since ancient times to sculpt metal.  The same simple hand tools used in period are used here - a chasing hammer and some dapping dies/chasing tools.  This method can be used inside a goblet to create a scene on the sides, or on a piece of jewelry - it has wide applications.  Most of the work is done in reverse, on the back - 'bumping' up the metal from the back, and selectively pushing it back down again from the front.  This class will teach you the basics, or help improve your skill if you've already tried it.
Tools:  bring 'em if you've got 'em!  chasing tools, chasing hammer, block of lead, pitch bowl, dapping dies.  I'll bring my mini torch for annealing or heating the pitch, and some brass to practice on.  This one really doesn't lend itself to a class paper, unfortunately.  There's just not a whole lot you can put down on paper for this - you really have to see it.

Class:  Wax Carving Techniques
Teacher:  Mistress Brianna Yseulte Wynman (Jan Wyman)
Students:  12 Intermediate to Expert, sculpting or woodcarving experience helpful.
Duration:  2 hours
Any period or style can be created in this manner.  How thick to make your model, how to measure it, how to create settings.  Some sneaky short-cuts.  Make rings, small sculptures for jewelry (such as animal heads for torcs), pendants, many other objects can be made with this technique.
A class paper will be provided, which will include research on what mainly English signet rings looked like, with steps for making one.

Class:  Cold Forging a Bowl or a Spoon
Teacher:  Mistress Brianna Yseulte Wynman (Jan Wyman)
Students:  6
Duration:  4 hours
These are the same methods used in period by Silversmiths and Goldsmiths to raise/sink metals to create drinking vessels, spoons, etc.  The metal is worked cold, rather than heated as you would with iron or steel.  Annealing will be demonstrated using a modern torch (for convenience), and you will be taught how to and when to anneal.  How to make a 2-piece medieval spoon, or a low bowl.
Tools:  dapping dies, wood blocks, wooden hammers
A class paper will be provided, which will include the basics for laying out a circle to sink a bowl (which can be made into a chalice, goblet or bowl) of a certain size, basic directions on sinking and raising, a pattern for making either a 2-piece or 1 piece medieval spoon.

Class:  Making the Queen's & Byzantine Chains
Teacher:  Olaf of Trollhiemsfjord/Jim Revells
Students:  12 Beginner and up
Duration:  4 hours
Learn how to make two period Chains with no soldering.  Students will be offered the chance to make either a silver or steel chain.  There will be a materials fee of $20 for enough Silver to create a 18 inch chain if you chose to make a silver chain.

Class:  Viking Bead Making
Teacher:  Lady Lavena Knappe 
Students:  10 
Duration:  2 hours
Have you ever noticed the glass Viking beads but always thought you had to buy them? This hands on class, with a maximum of 10, will teach you the basics of making a wound glass bead.

Class:  Hollow Form Raising
Teacher:  Anton Leflamme d' Saint Aubin
Students:  6 beginners
Duration:  2 four hour days
Tools:  If these tools are in your possession please bring them:
Jeweler's saw
doming hammer
planishing hammer
rawhide mallet
3" Mushroom stake
Stake holder
leather sand bag

I have all of these in duplicate so if you don't have them you are still welcome to come.

Class:  Etruscan Granulation
Teacher:  Anton Leflamme d' Saint Aubin
Students:  6-8 of any level
Duration:  4 hours
All tools are supplied.
Materials $15.00 per/person

Class:  Introduction to Pewter Casting:  Beginner level
Teacher :  Lady Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea
Students:  10
Duration:  2 hours
This is a beginner-level hands-on class in soapstone mold carving and pewter casting.  By the end of the class each student shall have carved their own mold and gets to go home with his or her very own casting of a small token or coin cast in a period manner.
Experience with carving (wood or stone or any other material) would be helpful, but not necessary, for participation in this class.  Rank newbies are welcome.

Class:  Intermediate Pewter Casting
Teacher :  Lady Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea
Students:  20
Duration:  1 hour
This class shall be a discussion and demonstration on issues faced when casting pewter (and other metals) into soapstone (and other stones).  Some experience with metalcasting will make the class more relevant to the student.

Class:  Viking Clay Mold Casting
Teacher:  Olaf of Trollhiemsfjord/Jim Revells
Students:  12 (Intermediate)
Duration:  6 hours
A demonstration of how to cast in a clay mold using period methods.  Students will cast a prepared mold & have an item to take home.  Students will make their own mold to try at home (due to time restraints there will not be a chance to use them on site- it takes 3-4 days for the mold to dry).

Class:  Introduction to Pewter Casting in Soapstone
Teacher:  Liam
Students:  8 beginner and up
Duration:  2 hours (hands-on)
Tools:  Nothing needed
Description:  Get all the information you need to hand-carve soapstone molds and cast
hot molten metal in them.  Covers everything from where to get the basic equipment to hands-on carving of your own mold and casting a simple token of your own design.  Uses period materials and methods, though some modern forms of hand tools (no power tools).

Class:  Beginning Metal Etching (suitable for children too)
Teacher:  Mistress Aine Callaghan, OP
Students:  Class size 6 beginners at a time 
Children under 13 yrs old must be accompanied by an adult until I determine that they have the attention span to leave them with me alone
Duration:  1 - 2 hours
We will be etching designs on circular medallions using acrylic paint and etching them in ferric chloride acid.  The technique is easy, but due to the limitations of the acrylic paint designs with tiny details are difficult to accomplish.  It takes about 1 hour to decide on and paint the design on the medallion, then another hour for it to etch.  This will be an on-going demo/workshop, so you can leave and come back to collect your medallion at the end of the etching time.

Class:  Trichinolopy chainwork (a.k.a Viking or wire chain knitting)
Teacher:  Apollonia Voss
Students:limited to 8 gentles so as to provide maximum one on one instruction
Duration:  2 hours
We will use copper wire to learn a structured "knitting" technique, known as trichinopoly chain work, used by Vikings to create jewelry.  This technique produces beautiful "tubes" of knitted metal that can be used to create necklaces, earrings, rings, or decorative lengths of chain.  
If you have wire cutters and/or jewelry pliers (chain nose, flat nose, or round nose) please bring them.


From I-290 or I-395:  take 290 S to I-395 to Exit 4A, Sutton Ave., Sutton, Ma.  (*) proceed on Sutton Ave/central Turnpike approx.  3 mi.  Take a Right onto Manchaug Road.  Proceed approx.  2 mi.  to Camp Blanchard on the Right.

From Rt.  146 North, or South go to the Northbridge/Oxford/Central Turnpike exit.  Proceed on Central Turnpike / Sutton Ave.  for approximately 4 miles, passing the Blue Jay Restaurant on your Left.  Turn Left onto Manchaug Road.  Site approximately 2 miles on the Right.  

From Rt.  20 or Rt.12:  take your best route to Rt.20/ Rt.12 in Auburn.  Follow Rt.  12 S to Oxford Center.  At light turn Left onto Sutton Ave/Central turnpike.  You will pass over I- 395, from that point proceed as above (*) 

Look for SCA signs.

Event Website: 

At-a-Glance Event Information
Camp Blanchard
Manchoug Rd.
Sutton, MA  01610
Show me a map!

Site Opens: Noon Friday
Site Closes: 5 PM Sunday

Event Fees:

Site : Everyone attending would be required to pre-reserve by the fifteenth of September, due to needing to purchase supplies for the classes.  

Off Board:
The event fee is $25/person if spaces are reserved prior to 20 August; $30 prior to 1 September then $40 until 15 September

Feast: Onboard:
The event will cost $45/person if spaces are reserved prior to 20 August; $50 prior to 1 September then $60 until 15 September.

Send Reservations to:
Catherine Crow (Lady Rhonwen glyn Conwy)
41 Rockwood Drive
Ashland, MA 01721
(508) 881-7550 

Baron Olaf of Trollhiemsfjord, 
Jim Revells 
66 Jennings Rd 
Apartment F
Holliston, MA 01746 
(508) 429-1671 before midnight.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc, Barony of Carolingia