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This page is to allow people to sign up for teaching classes at a symposium or a schola, and similarly to schedule themselves for taking classes. Questions, suggestions, or problems using this tool should be directed to the maintainer, Lord Corwyn Ravenwing, who can be reached at webminister@ekmg.eastkingdom.org.

Events whose classes are scheduled using this tool:

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Event Description Location Status Can Teachers
Create Classes?
Can Students
Join Classes?

If you would like to use this tool to schedule classes for an upcoming event, please contact the Webminister.


Sign up to take a class!

If you see a class (or several classes) that you'd like to take in the list below, please send an email to the chancellors at to register for them. But make sure to send in your reservation for the event itself as soon as possible: unfortunately signing up for a class doesn't automatically reserve space for you at the event!
See the official event announcement for more information about the event itself.

Sign up to take a class!

It's too late to sign up on-line to take classes: be sure to come to the Class Coordinator table when you get to the event to see what changes have been made that aren't shown on this page, as well as to sign up for classes.

Volunteer to teach a class!

If you are willing to teach any subject relevant to the event theme, please click here and take a moment to fill out the form to register your class.

Volunteer to teach a class!

It's too late to sign up on-line to teach classes: come to the Class Coordinator table when you get to the event and sign up there.

Please note:
* More classes will be added Friday night as people arrive and volunteer to teach something.
* If you would like any changes to a class you are scheduled to teach, please contact us and we will correct it as soon as possible.
* Teachers, please consider bringing extra handouts for people who want to take both your course and another that conflicts with it.
* Also, teachers, if your class is scheduled opposite a class you would like to take, please tell us as soon as possible and we'll try to adjust it.
* Anyone can sign up for classes, naturally, but please be aware that teachers will be given scheduling priority for classes they want to take.
* Teachers, if you are NOT signed up for feast, and you plan on doing so, please drop the event planners a note right away so there are no surprises.
* See you there!

Class List section

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Class Name Level Teacher Length Limit Cost Location Day/Time
Bring with you to class:
Blank Signup Sheet Blank Schedule Sheet Class List Only  

Class Schedule section

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No schedule has been created yet for the preceeding classes. Please come back when the schedule shakes itself out. Thanks.

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