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  • Metalsmiths' Symposium 17 will be held September 7th - 9th, 2018, at "Feast of John Barleycorn" in the Canton of Northpass (North Salem, NY).
  • Event announcement: http://www.eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.php?eid=3297

  • If you want more information about Metalsmiths' Symposium, please see the Metalsmiths' Symposium page for everything you ever wanted to know about MSS but were afraid to ask :-)

  • What are we?

    The East Kingdom Metalsmiths' Guild is dedicated to the study and teaching of all the metalsmithing arts and sciences, including but not limited to: blacksmithing, smelting, casting, working in various metals, armouring, coining / minting, gem cutting, gem and stone lore, jewelrymaking, glassblowing, glass lampworking (beads, etc.), and the like.

    What is our history?

    The guild was founded as a local shire-level group (called the Silver Rylle Metalsmiths' Guild) in approximately Anno Societatis XXXIV (2000). Having gained momentum and membership ever since then, it attracted attention from people outside the shire, and when they joined the Guild, it could no longer retain its provincial name. After a short stint as the Southern Region Metalsmiths' Guild, it was finally renamed the East Kingdom Metalsmiths' Guild, and its Royal Guild charter was signed at Kingdom Twelfth Night, Jan 8th, A.S. XXXIX (2005).

    How do I get involved?

    If you wish to learn any of the arts and sciences of metalsmithing, contact any guild member, who will connect you with someone knowledgeable in the field you wish to learn; if you don't know any guild members, feel free to contact the Guildmistress, who will be glad to introduce you.

    Do I have to join the Guild to learn something?

    Certainly not! The Guild has been charged by our Charter to share their knowledge with any subject of the Kingdom who approaches them and asks to be taught. You have no obligation to become a guild member in order to be taught by one. Come along with us and have fun!

    How do I join the Guild?

    Anyone who expresses a desire to join the ranks of the Guild is certainly welcome to do so. Guild members are encouraged to teach others, but it is not required that you excel in every subject. If someone approaches you to learn something that you don't feel competent to teach, you may instead refer them to another teacher or to the Guildmistress. You may also choose to become an Associate Member, stating that you wish to be affiliated with the Guild without claiming an explicit Guild Membership if that wouldn't suit your persona or your personality. In either case, contact the Guildmistress, Lady Irene von Lassan, and let her know you're interested in joining.

    But I'm not a Laurel or a Maunche, can I still join?

    Of course! You don't have to be any sort of expert to join the Guild. If you know something, even at a basic level, you can teach it to those who don't know it at all. And if you don't know something, you can learn from those who do, and then turn around and teach it! It's not knowledge itself we're looking for: it's the love of knowledge, and the willingness to learn and to teach. Come join us!

    How can I keep informed?

    You might want to join the Guild's mailing list. Even if you're not a Guild member, feel free to join the list, to find out what we're up to! To catch up with what we've already been talking about, check out the list archives.

    What's this I hear about a metal charter?

    What else would you make the charter out of for a guild of metalworkers? The charter is done in repousse and enamel on brass. If you want to see it, His Majesty has charged the Guildmistress with displaying it at as many events as possible, so you may just come across it at an event near you. If you don't get a chance to see the original, a photograph of the charter, along with a transcription of the text, can be found here.

    Downloadable Guild Resources

    What's the Guild's shipping address?

    Anything for the Guild can be shipped by way of the Guildmistress, whose address can be found here.


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