EK Metalsmiths' Guild Past Projects

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This is a listing of the projects that the EK Metalsmiths' Guild has done in the past. If you have a photograph of any of these projects, either when completed or while being created, please contact the Webminister, who will be glad to accept them for use on this page. If you know of a Guild project that isn't listed here, please contact the Webminister, who will correct the ommission.

(NEW!) Non-Guild-sponsored projects, that were done by Guild members, can be found here instead.

If you wish to be part of any similar projects in the future, or want to suggest a project the Guild might want to do, please contact the Guildmistress.

Date Project Details about the project
Sept 2007 TTTC 10: Andreas III & Gabriella I Ring: Bronze rings, in several stone colors, cast using lost-wax method from a hand-carved wax. (NEW!) (pictures)
Apr 2007 TTTC 9: Gryffith I & Aikaterine I Pin: Stone pendant, hand-painted with King's and Queen's badges, hanging from a silver wire decorated with a glass bead. (NEW!) (pictures)
Sept 2006 TTTC 8: Lucan VII & Yana IV Necklace: Viking wire woven necklace, in gold or silver wire. (pictures)
Apr 2006 TTTC 7: Brion II & Anna II Ring: sterling silver rings, in several styles, cast using lost-wax method from hand-carved waxes. (pictures)
Jan 14, 2006 Signet Pendants For the Tyger Clerk of the Signet. These are small medallions to be given to the East Kingdom Scribes to wear as a badge of pride. (pictures)
Jan 14, 2006 Signet Coins For the Tyger Clerk of the Signet. These are Promissary Coins to be given out when a scroll is not ready on time. The recipient will turn in the coin in exchange for their completed scroll. (pictures)
Oct, 2006 Kingdom Crusades Coins These coins were made to be given out as tokens at the Arts & Sciences competition at Kingdom Crusades. The designs are the personal devices of the Queens of the East and Atlantia. (pictures)
Jun 18, 2005 Gold-Wrapped Thread Class at Landsknecht. Gold wire is hammered flat and wrapped around silk thread, to produce the "gold thread" used in embroidery. (pictures)
May 30, 2005 Hand Mirrors for Kelson & Geneviere. Carved wooden hand-mirrors, wood-burned with their personal devices and other appropriate symbols. (pictures)
May 2005 TTTC 6: Darius III & Roxane III Pin: lampworked glass token, impressed with an image using a hand-carved soapstone stamp, wire-wrapped and turned into a pin. (pictures)
Apr 2, 2005 TTTC 5: Kelson II & Geneviere II Pendant: cast pewter fleur-de-lis and medallion. (pictures)
Feb 5, 2005 Gifts to Thorson and Svava at Fields of Gold. A long list of stuff I will document later.
Feb 5, 2005 Prizes for Fields of Gold
  • Enameled cutwork quills (prize for Golden Quill)
  • Handmade chatellaines (prize for Golden Seamstress)
  • Glass Beads of Several Colors (Populace Choice prizes)
  • Glass Beads with Kingdom Arms (Royals Choice prizes)
  • (picture)
    Feb 5, 2005 Silver Crescent Medallion for AnnaLiese. Cast pewter medallion, painted, with cloud motif (echoing her device)
    Feb 5, 2005 Silver Crescent Medallion for Gisele. Cast pewter medallion, painted, with multicolored dot motif (canting "Mosaic Herald")
    Jan 8, 2005 Kingdom Chronicler Medallion for Shannon Gallowglass. Reverse-painted quartz cabuchon locket.
    Jan 8, 2005 Charter signing at Kingdom Twelfth Night. The signing of the Guild Charter makes us an official Royal Guild.
    Jan 8, 2005 Guild Charter Repousse and enamel on brass. (picture)
    Nov 2004 MSS3 Site Tokens for Metalsmiths' Symposium 3. Cast pewter medallions.
    Oct 9, 2004 Laurel collar for Brangwayna Morgan. Repousse brass with glass beads.
    Oct 2, 2004 TTTC 4: Thorson I & Svava I Viking Hanger pendant: cast pewter with glass beads. (pictures)
    ~ Aug 2004 Heraldic pewter buttons for Kelson I & Geneviere I. Cast pewter buttons bearing a dragon's head (his) and a martlet (hers)
    ~ Apr 2004 Maunche Pin for Isabel Ximenez de Gaucin. Reverse-painted quartz cabuchon set in silver.
    Apr 3, 2004 TTTC 3: Kelson I & Geneviere I Copper torque bracelets w/ glass beads. (pictures)
    Jan 10, 2004 12th Night Raffle prizes
  • string of 5 beads: 2 blue-dot strung, 1 black eye hobnail white / blue / white, 1 Roman swirl red / white, 1 gaspeite eye hobnail red / blue / white
  • etched medallion: Celtic triskelion
  • Sept 27, 2003 ATTC 2: Balfar IV & Luna IV Silver rings, etched with an ivy pattern (canting "IV"). (pictures)
    ~ Aug 2003 Coronets: Ys and Gerard
  • Ysabel: gold-clad coronet w/ fleur-de-lys dangles.
  • Gerard: gold-clad coronet w/ malachite oval cabs.
  • Apr 12, 2003 TTTC 1: Darius II & Roxane II Pin: gold sewing needle threaded with silver wire strung with green and gold glass beads (pictures)
    Sept 28, 2002 Maunche medallion for Brangwayna Morgan. Woodburned.