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King's and Queen's Cyphers — Lucan 7 & Yana 4 — 14 Apr 2007


Last weekend (July 21, 2007), I received the King's and Queen's Cypher scroll that was given to the Guild from King Lucan and Queen Jana.

The pics I took of the scroll, as well as of the cyphers themselves, are here:

Scroll Pic 1 Scroll Pic 2 Scroll closeup left half Scroll closeup right half

Medallion - Queen's Cypher Medallion - King's Cypher

I'm still not sure who-all gets to wear them; I'll find out after Pennsic, when everyone's home again. But till then, here's the text:


******************** TEXT OF CYPHER SCROLL ********************

Who does not shine when in our fair Queen's radiating beauty? Indeed all can find hope and courage when such inspiration stands before them. Yet what does the common man do when Her fair visage is removed and the world presses its resolve? To take her example with them in their heart is valiant and true, as all men face trials in this world. Even mighty Lancelot did firm his resolve by carrying token of his Gueneviere. To bestow her favor any Queen must procure a symbol, and such a symbol was provided unto Her Grace and by extension unto Our Kingdom by the many good gentles of the Metal Smything Guild. They have labored in her honor making tokens of great wonder such that She might inspire all throughout Her reign.

Kingdoms' legacies are built of many things: Prowess, Chivalry, Honor, and Valor. Fortunate as well is the King who is recalled for his acts of Generosity. Long will Lucan be remembered for the largesse displayed by the gift of arm rings to His people, as well the product of the honored Guild.

Without the devotion of these artisans, the gift coffers of the Eastern Monarchs would be far lighter as other items from their hands demonstrating both art and skill represent the Kingdom both at home and abroad. As well among the Metal Smiths offerings one finds the harmonious Terpsichore bells to decorate many a deserving recipient.

Fortunate recipients of these gifts abound. So for these innumerable favors do We, Lucan and Jana, King and Queen of the East, demonstrate Their favor in return, awarding unto Their Metal Smithing both the King's and Queen's Cypher this fourteenth day of April anno societatis forty one in their bounteous Barony of Bergental at Their Last Court.

Lucan VII

Text by Thorvald Halversson & Eleanor Catlyng
Scroll by Eleanor Catlyng